RF Reality - Reborn (Compensation Royal Players & Information)

CPT Point

Free Equipments

400.000 CPT Point :  Elite Package Donation
300.000 CPT Point : Royal Package Donation
200.000 CPT Point : Elite Commander Armor +7 (8Pcs) + Weapon Bloody +7 (1Pcs) Grace Elemental (4Pcs)
100.000 CPT Point :  Elite Commander Armor +7 (8Pcs) + Weapon Bloody +7 (1Pcs)
100.000 - 500.000 CPt Point :  If you Have Donation Before, You will get Your Donation Equipments Back, And Free to Claim, no need pay anthing
Non Active Players Have Donation Before : Must Claim 20$ For Bring Items Donation Back, And Proof Of Donation
Claim Your Items Click HERE

Information : 

Server Will Start Maintenance at Friday, 30 October 2020 immediately send your data to google forms before maintenance Time
And Server Will Be Back at Thuesday, 5 November 2020 For CBT Server, And Will Reborn For OBT Server at Saturday, 7 September 2020

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